Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Open Streets-Bengaluru and why is it important?

Open Streets-Bengaluru is an initiative observed in a neighbourhood to promote cycling, walking, and the use of public transport. On this day, the movement of private motorised vehicles is restricted within a zone called the Vehicle Free Zone. Only the following will be allowed to ply on the streets in the neighbourhood:

  • Public Transport (BMTC buses);
  • Emergency vehicles such as Ambulances, Fire brigade;
  • Garbage trucks;
  • Water tankers;
  • Police
  • Vehicles such as autos, taxis, etc. are NOT allowed to travel to/from/within the vehicle free zone.

2. When and where is Bengaluru’s first Open Streets happening?

Sectors 1-7 in HSR Layout will be celebrating Open Streets from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM on 20th September, 2015.

3. Why is HSR Layout chosen for Bengaluru’s first Open Streets Initiative?

HSR layout being one of the most vibrant and progressive neighbourhoods in Bengaluru, has several dedicated citizen groups with a long term commitment towards improving their neighbourhood and promoting the use of sustainable modes of transport. Hence it was appropriate to choose such an area as a pilot for this initiative.

4. Who is organising HSR’s Open Streets initiative?

The Open Streets-Bengaluru is a combined initiative of several Government agencies such as DULT; BMTC; BTP; BMRCL; Police Department; Department of Forest, Ecology & Environment; Tourism Department; BBMP; Karnataka State Pollution Control Board; Bengaluru Cycle Day and local citizen groups.

5. Where can I find updates and information regarding the Open Streets initiative in HSR Layout?

All the updated information regarding the Open Streets initiative at HSR Layout will be put up on the link:; and on the following websites and facebook pages.

Directorate of Urban Land Transport

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

Cycle Day- Bangalore Coalition for Open Streets

 Traffic Police

6. What modes of transportation can I use during Open Streets – Bengaluru? 

Walking, Cycling and Public Transport (BMTC buses) only.

7. How do I travel from HSR- Vehicle Free Zone to other destinations in the city?

BMTC would be plying additional bus services which will take you from your closest bus stop to the Bus terminal at CPWD quarters in HSR Layout, from where buses will ply to important hubs such as Majestic, Shivajinagar and K.R Market, via important localities in the city. Airport connectivity will also be provided by BMTC Airport Services.

You could also hail a passing BMTC bus to stop!

For detailed information regarding BMTC bus routes Click Here

8. How do I move within the Vehicle Free Zone of HSR and enter HSR from other parts of the city?

  • Cycle
  • BMTC buses will be plying in the Vehicle Free Zone of the HSR Layout to facilitate the local citizens to move from one place to another within HSR Layout. If people want to go to areas outside HSR, they could avail the existing or additional services starting from the mini terminal set up by BMTC at the CPWD quarters to K.R. Market, Majestic, Shivajinagar and other parts of the city.
  • Private motorized vehicles such as cars, two-wheelers, autos, taxis etc. will NOT be allowed to enter HSR-Vehicle Free Zone. Cars and two wheeler users may park in any legal parking space outside the vehicle free zone.

9. Where can I find information regarding bus routes, timings and frequencies for HSR Layout’s Open Streets Initiative?

Bus users could opt between the following two choices:

  • You may buy a daily pass at a concessional rate (Rs. 50/-) on-board the bus and use this pass to travel in any BMTC bus, multiple number of times in the day and to anywhere in Bangalore through the day of 20th September 2015 only.
  • The concessional rate for a single trip within the Vehicle Free Zone is Rs. 5/- and is only valid on 20th September, 2015.
  • The above concessional rates are not applicable on Airport and AC Bus Services.

12. Where can I get cycle rentals to commute within the HSR- Vehicle Free Zone?

HSR Cyclists will be celebrating 1 year anniversary of Cycle Day event at HSR Layout. For this event as well as to provide last mile connectivity within HSR Layout, cycle rentals (100 nos.) will be available free of cost on producing a Government certified original photo ID like passport, voter ID card, Aadhaar card, Driving licence, PAN card, etc.

Cycle rentals could be availed on this day from 6 AM to 6 PM.

13. As a resident of HSR Layout, how do I carry out errands/personal works within the neighbourhoods?

Walking and Cycling within the neighbourhood is the ideal way to reach local destinations within the neighbourhood. BMTC buses will be operational within the Vehicle Free Zone.

14. How do I transport materials to my construction site located in the vehicle free zone of HSR Layout?

Construction vehicles such as trucks, tempos etc. will not be allowed entry into HSR layout’s vehicle free zone on the day. It is requested that the construction materials should be stocked in advance before the commencement of the Open Streets-Bengaluru initiative.

15. Can functions and social gatherings be scheduled on the day?

Yes! But all visitors/guests must be intimated that vehicles will not be allowed inside HSR Layout.

16. How will home delivery services be carried out on the day?

Service providers can carry out deliveries on cycles or travel on BMTC buses within the Vehicle Free Zone. Newspaper and milk delivery agents are requested to deliver newspapers and milk to residents before 6 AM on the 20th September 2015 or deliver them on BMTC buses/cycles.

17. How do I entertain my children and family on this day?

Streets will be open and safe for children to play and for families to enjoy the spirit of the neighbourhood. In addition, some open street activities will be conducted for age groups through the day at walkable distances in HSR Layout. For Detailed information regarding activity timings and venues Click Here.

18. What are the different activities that will happen on the 20th September 2015 in the Vehicle Free Zone of HSR Layout?

Various activities have been planned in different locations in the Vehicle Free Zone of HSR Layout such as, Street Play on Public Transport (Bus Bantu Bus) by BMTC; Awareness Blind Cricket & Music and Dance by Samarthana Trust for the Disabled; Street Games by ESAF; Story Telling by Bangalore Story telling society; Live Pottery by Clay Park; Painting workshops by Core Fine Arts; Traditional games by Kavade; Busking by Guruskool; Skating by Holystoked; Hoola-Hoops by Fundamentals;  Distribution of saplings and Enumeration of trees within HSR Layout by the Forest and environment department etc. where kids and adults alike can come and enjoy these activities.

19. Will other businesses and important destinations such as restaurants, ATMs, Super Markets etc. be open during the day?

All places of interest in HSR layout can do business as usual.

20. What do I do in case of emergencies?

Emergency Contacts                                                               Numbers

BMTC Helpline                                                                              1-800-425-1663

Ambulance                                                                                    108

Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, HSR Helpline              080 71112244/ 2300

Fire Brigade                                                                                   101

Police control room                                                                     100