Community Engagement leading to the event


The first community meeting held on 05.09.2015 at the Metropolitan Corporation Housing Society (MCHS) Community Hall, Sector 6, HSR Layout. There were a lot of take-away’s from the HSR Layout residents. Thank you Metropolitan Corporation Housing Society (MCHS) for letting us use your badminton court for this meeting!


The Federation of RWAs reached out to actively support this initiative and pledged to gather citizen volunteers from all the HSR Layout Sectors to make this a success. Thank you HSR Layout-Federation of RWAs, for coming on-board and taking on responsibilities to help us in spreading the word. (Meeting held on 16.09.2015 at HSR Club)


The HSR Layout Federation of RWA’s Secretary addressing citizen volunteers, the day before the Open Streets-Bengaluru initiative. We had around 250 volunteers sign up! Kudos HSR residents for being so proactive!


The Chairman, HSR Layout Federation of RWAs and a Sector RWA president reading the bus route map in HSR Layout.


The Chairman, HSR Layout Federation of RWAs addressing the gathering.

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The BMTC representative answering questions regarding the additional bus routes introduced by BMTC for the day.


Open Streets goes to people with ‘Bus Bantu Bus’!

It is truly exciting to have various goverment agencies work together towards a common cause! Open Streets-Bengaluru on 13.09.2015 (Sunday) went to HSR with ‘Bus Bantu Bus’, a street play organised for public awareness by BMTC. In spite of capricious rains the good folks of HSR came out on to the streets and encouraged the initiative.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Street Play by BMTC at BDA Complex
Street Play by BMTC at BDA Complex
Street Play by BMTC at BDA Complex
Street Play by BMTC at BDA Complex
Street Play by BMTC at Anjaneya Temple, Agara.
Street Play by BMTC at Anjaneya Temple, Agara.

Open Streets-Bengaluru in papers!

The power of newspaper is not only that it reaches far and wide but also that opinions are brought forth. Cheers to all the papers who wrote about Open Streets!

The Times said “Open streets in a small locality may seem like a baby step, but the initiative will prove to be a giant leap for Bengaluru in the long run to become a greener city. Major cities across the globe promote public and eco-friendly means of transport like bicycles, so Bengaluru has done well by planning its own initiative to reduce pollution and free the streets from the cacophony of vehicles. Now, it’s the turn of citizens to show how much they care about the environment, and make the initiative a success, so it could be emulated across the city.”

Report on Open Streets in Indian Express on 13.09.2015
Report on Open Streets-Bengaluru in Indian Express on 13.09.2015
Report on Open Streets in The Times of India on 13.09.2015
Report on Open Streets-Bengaluru in The Times of India on 13.09.2015

‘Citizen Matters’ from Bangalore did some responsible journalism through their very well balanced article called ‘Some HSR residents to hit the streets this Sunday, others worried’ published on 19.09.2015. The article discusses various views where some were for the initiative and some critical of it but what is important is that opinions come out loud and clear and is constructively understood for the future! Kudos to Citizen Matters! Click Here for the Article.

ABOUT: Open Streets in HSR Layout

about open streets


Open Streets-Bengaluru is an initiative observed in a neighbourhood to promote cycling, walking and the use of public transport. On this day, the movement of all motorised personal vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, autos and taxis etc. is restricted within an identified neighbourhood. In order to support travel needs BMTC will provide additional local bus services and also services to major terminals across the city. Emergency vehicles such as Ambulances, Fire brigade and Police are allowed to ply on the streets of the neighbourhood.


Cities all over the world are experiencing traffic congestion and Bengaluru is no exception. Considering Bengaluru has 54 lacs vehicles on the road, travel demand management measures must be urgently implemented to curtail the use of personal modes of transport and to encourage public transport, cycling and walking. Open Streets-Bengaluru is one such initiative.


The first edition of Open Streets in Karnataka is being held in the neighbourhood of HSR Layout, Bengaluru. Sectors 1-7 in HSR Layout will be celebrating Open Streets from 6am to 9pm on 20th September, 2015.


Open Streets-Bengaluru is a combined initiative by several Government agencies such as Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT); Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC); Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL); Bangalore Police Department; Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP); Department of Forest,Ecology & Environment; Department of Tourism, Karnataka; Bengaluru Bruhata Mahanagara Palike (BBMP); Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Bengaluru Cycle Day (A Bangalore Coalition for Open Streets initiative) and local citizen groups.