Community Engagement leading to the event


The first community meeting held on 05.09.2015 at the Metropolitan Corporation Housing Society (MCHS) Community Hall, Sector 6, HSR Layout. There were a lot of take-away’s from the HSR Layout residents. Thank you Metropolitan Corporation Housing Society (MCHS) for letting us use your badminton court for this meeting!


The Federation of RWAs reached out to actively support this initiative and pledged to gather citizen volunteers from all the HSR Layout Sectors to make this a success. Thank you HSR Layout-Federation of RWAs, for coming on-board and taking on responsibilities to help us in spreading the word. (Meeting held on 16.09.2015 at HSR Club)


The HSR Layout Federation of RWA’s Secretary addressing citizen volunteers, the day before the Open Streets-Bengaluru initiative. We had around 250 volunteers sign up! Kudos HSR residents for being so proactive!


The Chairman, HSR Layout Federation of RWAs and a Sector RWA president reading the bus route map in HSR Layout.


The Chairman, HSR Layout Federation of RWAs addressing the gathering.

IMG-20150920-WA0004         IMG-20150920-WA0002

The BMTC representative answering questions regarding the additional bus routes introduced by BMTC for the day.


2 thoughts on “Community Engagement leading to the event

  1. Hi, This was a very good initiative to allow people to come out and use the public roads to stroll, walk, cycle without any fear of vehicle running them down.

    In my opinion there were 2 objectives clubbed in one activity which caused inconvenience to quite a few civilians.

    1. To open up roads exclusively for cycling, walking, activities and for communities to come together – This was extremely successful as people really enjoyed coming out on the streets, meeting their fellow residents from the community, helped the kids cycle without fear, the aged could walk without any fear as well.

    2. To encourage use of public transport – This according to me was more of an enforcement that encouragement. I agree there are certain things that has to be enforced if we need to bring about a change in my opinion this particular issue should have got encouragement and not enforcement. This is a larger issue which needs solution to be built in the form of infrastructure, awareness and incentives to the citizens who would use public transport. It was enforced in the wrong manner which left a bad taste to a lot of people when it came to private transport.

    I would recommend to take a initiative to have open street once a month where we choose to block one\two main street from private\public vehicle traffic so that people can come together as community and enjoy the day without the fear of being knocked down by a private vehicle.

    I am sure every one will agree that we need to create more public transport infrastructure for people to let go of their private vehicles and use public transport not only on such days but on regular working days as well.



  2. I being a resident of HSR layout request to increase Public Transport (BMTC) facility on daily basis with regular timings . Please do take this request and address


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