Open Streets brings Street Activities to HSR Layout!





5 thoughts on “Open Streets brings Street Activities to HSR Layout!

  1. Hi, I have been a resident of HSR for the last 10 years. There has been a staggering increase in the number of vehicles and traffic congestion over these years. There are streets in HSR that you just cannot walk on without running a significant risk of being hit by a vehicle (27th Main, BDA Complex).

    Today’s experience was wonderfully alien. It was great to see children & adults cycling and walking about these roads. And everyone had a beaming smile on their face !!

    THIS IS A WONDERFUL INITIATIVE. And our thanks to all of the government & civic agencies involved in coordinating this.

    Could we please do this once every month ? (i am assuming that this does does adversely impact the small traders in the neighborhood) Our family can surely commit a couple of volunteers for this.


  2. I have grown up as a resident of HSR Layout, and have seen it become busier by the day. A big thank you to the Police, BMTC and various other organizations and individuals for the phenomenal amount of planning and work they’ve done to gift us a day of fresh air, quiet and happiness.


  3. Wonderful initiative. It was nice to cycle to the shop instead of going by car. Kudos to everyone involved in this initiative. One suggestion – can we please request for public parking even if it is paid near ORR so that people can leave vehicles near locality and take public transport from there.


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