ABOUT: Open Streets in HSR Layout

about open streets


Open Streets-Bengaluru is an initiative observed in a neighbourhood to promote cycling, walking and the use of public transport. On this day, the movement of all motorised personal vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, autos and taxis etc. is restricted within an identified neighbourhood. In order to support travel needs BMTC will provide additional local bus services and also services to major terminals across the city. Emergency vehicles such as Ambulances, Fire brigade and Police are allowed to ply on the streets of the neighbourhood.


Cities all over the world are experiencing traffic congestion and Bengaluru is no exception. Considering Bengaluru has 54 lacs vehicles on the road, travel demand management measures must be urgently implemented to curtail the use of personal modes of transport and to encourage public transport, cycling and walking. Open Streets-Bengaluru is one such initiative.


The first edition of Open Streets in Karnataka is being held in the neighbourhood of HSR Layout, Bengaluru. Sectors 1-7 in HSR Layout will be celebrating Open Streets from 6am to 9pm on 20th September, 2015.


Open Streets-Bengaluru is a combined initiative by several Government agencies such as Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT); Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC); Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL); Bangalore Police Department; Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP); Department of Forest,Ecology & Environment; Department of Tourism, Karnataka; Bengaluru Bruhata Mahanagara Palike (BBMP); Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Bengaluru Cycle Day (A Bangalore Coalition for Open Streets initiative) and local citizen groups.



4 thoughts on “ABOUT: Open Streets in HSR Layout

  1. I appreciate the idea but I am surprised that no respite has been given to people like us with infants. It is difficult to travel around with infant without a private car. And though it can be still be planned for day , it is highly inconvenient for a feeding mother. She has to stay indoors full day due to this.
    Also I think there are no church goers in the organizer group, else they would pointed out against scheduling it on a Sunday , that too starting from 6 A.M.


  2. This is a good Initiative but it should be properly managed .Forcing people not going in and out from their locality is not the solution . People are roaming on the roads as they are blocked by the police and are not allowed to reach their places or offices .This is not a proper solution of traffic problems.This initiative has caused more traffic and pollution by blocking the roads.People are forced to take long routes to reach their destination or forced to roam as they are not allowed to enter in the locality.I do not think this will solve the problem instead it will cause inconvenience for the common man.


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